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The following surgical procedures are only a small fraction of the possibilities.   

Chemical Peel

Chemical peel (chemosurgery) is a technique used for restoring wrinkled, scarred, or blemished facial skin. For most patients, the majority of fine wrinkles occur around the eyelids, cheeks, mouth, and forehead. Chemical peel can be used on the entire face, or parts of the face,
to improve fine skin wrinkles.

The procedure consists of the application of a Phenol, TCA, or another solution to the skin, which facilitates the peeling away of the top layers. Patients sometimes experience a burning sensation when the solution is first applied, but the feeling typically passes quickly. Deeper peels may require anesthesia and appropriate pain medication. Once your old skin is removed, it is replaced by tighter, more refreshed looking skin.

Chemical peel can be combined with a facelift or similar cosmetic surgery. The depth of the peel depends on the peeling agent and the technique employed – both factors will directly influence the final result. Chemical peel should not be considered a substitute for a facelift
or other facial surgery. However, facial surgery and chemical peel can compliment each
other nicely.


Post-Procedure Information

There may be some itching and tingling around the treated area as the skin begins to heal. It is imperative not to pick at or scratch the treated area(s). Within 24 hours of the procedure, a crust or scab will develop to protect the developing skin. Crusting will last approximately one week and reddish discoloration will last about a month.


Surgical dermabrasion is a procedure used to remove irregularities in the skin's surface. Although it is not used to change the underlying scar tissue, it does improve one's facial appearance by making the surface smooth and more uniform. Dermabrasion is particularly useful in the treatment of acne scarring, chicken pox marks, and facial scars from trauma.

The procedure involves using a rotating diamond wheel to sand or remove the top layer of the skin in order to smooth its surface contour. It is performed on an outpatient basis.

Dermabrasion may be used in conjunction with a facelift in place of the chemical peel process for treating mouth or forehead wrinkles. The color of the patient's skin determines whether dermabrasion or chemical peel can be used.


Post-Procedure Information

Treatments are approximately 15-60 minutes depending on the treatment area. Although the treatment is mildly uncomfortable, this feeling only lasts during the treatment application. 

You will be sun sensitive, so avoiding excessive sun exposure.

Wrinkle Fillers (Perlane & Restylane)

Dermal Fillers are an excellent non-surgical treatment option to create a youthful face by reducing wrinkles and facial folds, enhancing lips and restoring volume in the face. Unlike Dysport®, which eliminates wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing the muscle, dermal fillers fill out wrinkles. Fillers like Perlane® and Restylane®, add volume to lines around the mouth that separate the mouth area from the cheek area (nasolabial folds) and the lines from the mouth to the chin (marionette lines), the lips, depressions under the eyes, around the temples, and under the cheek bones.


Post-Procedure Information

To make the procedure more comfortable most of the products used are mixed with Lidocaine*, to reduce discomfort, which takes affect within seconds. Most patients compare the treatment application of fillers to a small pinch and swelling of the skin. Ice pack pillow can be applied to the skin immediately prior to reduce discomfort. Once complete, the areas treated may appear swollen with a small pinprick mark at each injection site. This is not a permanent fix, within a year wrinkles will reappear, and you may need to have a follow-up for a touchup treatment. Injectables are not a substitutes for surgical procedures, but can be use as a maintenance regime.


*Please alert your provider if you have an allergy to Lidocaine.

Wrinke Relaxers (Dysport®)

Wrinkle relaxers are a great non-surgical treatment to create a smooth, younger-looking face, by reducing or removing the appearance of unwanted facial wrinkles caused by expression,
by paralyzing the muscle(s) that causes them. During this relatively painless procedure, a very thin needle is used to inject small amounts of the solution in the desired area(s).


Post-Procedure Information

There is minimal discomfort and risk and no downtime; you may resume your normal daily activities immediately. If any swelling or bruising occurs, you may treat it with an ice pack. Patients have reported great results; their skin looking younger and more supple following the injections. This is not a permanent fix, after three months wrinkles will start to reappear, and you may need to have some follow-up injections to maintain your youthful look. Injectables are not a substitutes for surgical procedures, but can be use as a maintenance regime.

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