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A job well done and appreciated. Dr. Strasser enjoys reading all the notes and cards from happy patients. Below are just a few reviews we would like to share with you from the many grateful patients Dr. Strasser has helped.  

"​​After a double mastectomy for breast cancer, Dr. Strasser did reconstruction surgery. The results were so beautiful. His informative manner gave me so much confidence and trust. He is an honorable man in every way. There was no pain to this surgery. I took no pain medicine at all. I decided on this method to eliminate my cancer and I am glad I did. Dr. Strasser and his office staff, especially Ellie were the best!"

– Carol

"​​I cannot refer Dr. Strasser enough. I have had only the most excellent outcomes with all procedures I have had. And every single person I have referred has been equally pleased. His work is so natural, he is truly an artist. And he will be honest with you, he is never looking to make the quick buck like a lot of the other plastic surgeons around town. He has said no, he wants you to look your best! I would never go to anyone else, his is simply, THE BEST!"

– Melissa

"​​I got perfect results from my surgery from Dr. Strasser. Everything went as he said it would. I'm very happy I went with Dr. Strasser as my plastic surgeon. He made me feel confident with the procedure I had done. He took the time to go over options with me and in the end everything was perfect. I'm really glad I took his recommendations."

– Laura

"​​Dr. Strasser is amazing! He is honest and not money hungry like a lot of others in his field. He provides a natural look with all his work, never artificial. I have had rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, and lipo and my results are amazing and natural. He is also an expert with fillers, again, only natural results, never fake. If you don't need it, he will tell you no! But will offer the correct suggestion to correct your concerns. No way I would ever go to any other doctor, he is the best!"

– Undisclosed

"​​Thank you Dr. Strasser for my awesome results! Super Happy!!!!!"

– Angela

"​​Extremely Happy with my procedure (Breast Augmentation) that Dr. Strasser preformed. I choose Dr. Strasser after seeing 4 other doctors, (2 of which were in New York). I discussed what I wanted in great detail and I liked the fact that Dr. Strasser was very straight forward with what he felt would achieve the best results for me based on what I wanted. He answered all my questions and was always friendly, even when I scheduled a followup visit to ask more questions before the procedure. I would definitely recommend Dr. Strasser to my friends and family."

– Catalina

"​​Extremely happy with my surgeries. I have been to Dr. Strasser several times over the past year and would highly recommend him. I first went in to discuss a cosmetic procedure (consultation). During the consultation, Dr. Strasser noticed a tiny dark spot on the side
of my nose. We went through a whole process, but in the end Dr. Strasser removed the spot and it was found to be a type of skin cancer. I can't thank him enough!!!!!! I was
so nervous. Everyone in his office was so understanding and helped me through the
whole process. I also got my cosmetic procedure done by Dr. Strasser and I am super happy with the results. The surgery came out exactly how I wanted it. Dr. Strasser
listened to me and took the time to make certain that he understood what I wanted.
He answered all my questions and made me feel very comfortable. My mother has also been to Dr. Strasser.

– Erica

"​​I had a procedure done several years ago and was very happy with the results. I just 
scheduled a second procedure with Dr. Strasser today. The whole process was 
seamless. I'm happy I went back to Dr. Strasser after all these years."

– Laura

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